InfiniteHoops Stats

InfiniteHoops Stats is a basketball stat tracking, scorekeeping, and shot charting app for coaches, scorekeepers, and team managers statisticians. Supports youth, high school, AAU, college, or pro basketball team stat tracking.


InfiniteHoops Stats is the easiest to use basketball scoring and statistics tracking app. Large buttons allow for quick entry while following fast paced player action. Track player events with the touch of a button.


Each field goal make and miss location can be recorded and displayed in a shot chart. See your team's makes and misses for the full game or quarter-by-quarter. Court diagrams for high school, college and pro.


InfiniteHoops Stats is designed to be quick and easy to use. If you make a mistake, it's easily deleted. Want to fix the order of events in the play-by-play? No problem.

  • Role: Design and Mobile Development
  • Language: Swift
  • Technology: Core Data
  • Available on: App Store
InfiniteHoops Stats