Expenser by Broadside is an automatic mileage tracker and expense report generator.

Expenser is a must-have mileage tracker for freelancers, small business entrepreneurs, and anyone who drives for work. Expenser automatically tracks your trip mileage in the background using intelligent start and stop logic. Trips can be categorized as Work or Personal and exported in PDF or CSV format so that you can track your mileage for tax or work purposes.

The IRS mileage deduction is 56¢ / mile for 2021, so if you travel 1,000 miles or 10,000 miles that’s a $560 or $5,600 deduction at the end of the year. You can’t afford not to run Expenser!

For each Expenser trip, you can add multiple tolls, parking and food costs. All trips are sync’d to iCloud.

  • ROLE: Design and Mobile Development
  • LANGUAGE: Swift
  • TECHNOLOGY: iCloud
  • AVAILABLE ON: App Store